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The Industry Leader in Continuous Insulation, Stucco, Architectural Coating and Finish Systems

Parex offers the leading façade solutions, services, and systems that architects, builders, applicators, and homeowners trust. Parex boasts over 175 years of combined industry experience with a rich history built on hard work, knowledge, commitment, and loyalty.

Trevdan offers Parex’s complete line of products as well as expert advice and recommendations. If you have an architectural question or are searching for a custom solution contact a Parex Specialist today.

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This is an extremely energy-efficient, lightweight wall cladding system. The most upfront system is the Standard WaterMaster CI which is a drainage CI system. While offering many base level benefits like energy efficiency, lightweight, versatile design, and economical installation; the system offers a superior water-resistive barrier that is liquid applied, which means less chance for rips and tears, allowing moisture onto the substrate.

Stucco is a long-standing traditional exterior cladding that is economical to install and provides a hard and tough barrier for the exterior of a structure. The classic cement stucco system with an innovative twist is the Armourwall 300 WaterMaster. The 3/4” fiber reinforced cement stucco system provides the same durable benefits and aesthetics as standard Armourwall 300 systems, but comes with WeatherSeal, a liquid applied water-resistive barrier and air barrier, which means less chance for rips and tears, allowing moisture onto the substrate.

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Parex offers an innovative, energy-efficient, professional low-cost product line, that can carry any design into reality. From liquid applied waterproofing WeatherSeal, to 121 Dustless Basecoat, and Standard ‘Dirt Pick-up Resistance’ Finish or Aquasol Enhanced Acrylic Finish.

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To comply with new and pending VOC regulations, Parex introduced a new line of no VOC Colorants; while maintaining high-quality, and consistent color through their 75 unique standard colors. The new no VOC colorants have the edge over the competition with increased color retention, and increased fade resistance.

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