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Superior Cladding Solutions

For Sustainable Buildings and a Healthy Living Environment

Manufactured in Japan for more than 40 years, the CERACLAD siding systems are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors. The triple-coated finish provides 365 days Self-cleaning, Air purifying and comes with a 20-year Fade limited Warranty.

Trevdan offers CERACLAD’s complete line of products as well as expert advice and recommendations. If you have an architectural question or are searching for a custom solution contact a CERACLAD Specialist today.

Explore the CERACLAD System


  • Excellent UV blocking properties, 20-year Fade Limited Warranty.
  • Self-cleaning 365 days a year.
  • CERCLAD Rainscreen allows moisture to escape from within walls.
  • Superior Thermal Resistance (6x more thermally resistant compared to stucco).


  • LEED certified projects.
  • HPD (Health Product Declaration) certified material.
  • Recycle Material – Made from approximately 45% recycled material, the panels are 100% recyclable at end of life.


  • Helps prevent the formation of mold and other allergens.
  • Helps protect against water infiltration and dry rot.
  • Contributes to a Healthy Living Environment.

Complete System

  • Integrated rainscreen with hidden fasteners.
  • CERACLAD delivers the complete installation package to your Jobsite
  • Compatible with exterior installation.

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CERACLAD can increase the ROI on your projects by lowering construction cost, reduce maintenance cost, extend the life expectancy of the building envelope, and create market differentiation for sustainability value. From design through construction, CERACLAD provides all the support your need.

Triple Coated Panels

Our advanced custom color program provides unlimited design solutions and we can match any color. CREATIV™panels are made with a color coat, followed by a clear coat to protect the panels from ultraviolet rays and to minimize discoloration on the building exterior. Other custom color products are made with just one color coat. This extra color protection reduces or eliminates the need for repainting and lowers maintenance costs.